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Mumma Life is NOW is a community dedicated to sharing the unfiltered, raw, and REAL of motherhood. We come together to celebrate the highs, successes, and moments of joy and abundance that our little cubs (and older cubs) bring into our lives. But we also acknowledge and share the challenges that motherhood brings.

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All About you, Mumma

Motherhood can have us feeling depleted, burnt out, and scraping the bottom of the bowl.

However we can find comfort in sharing our stories Statistics show that many of us face mental health challenges to different degrees that can cripple us and bring us to our knees. Mumma Life is NOW is about humanising what so many of us feel, but often don't feel safe to openly share out of fear of judgment.

This community is for mums who need inspiration to find themselves buried deep in depletion and to find their mojo again. It's about gaining clarity on what you want and don't want in life, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, and finding the courage to face your fears and chase your dreams. Being a mum doesn't have to stop any of that! 

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We are here to activate you, give you a loving nudge forward, and propel you to embrace motherhood as a way of resetting and reassessing what you want in life.

It's all about YOU, what YOU want, and what YOU deserve. When YOU learn to focus on YOU, your family, loved ones, and colleagues will reap the benefits of that ripple effect.

Our community celebrates YOU, shares in the messiness of motherhood, and makes you feel a little less alone. We are on this rollercoaster of motherhood together, leaning into the twists and turns to continue evolving as the greatest versions of ourselves.

As women, we are change makers and action takers. We bring communities together, nurture those around us, and provide unique solutions to problems that have been around for centuries. So let's let out our roar, for we are woman!

We would LOVE to also share your story!

PNDA Warrior

Tammy, the founder of Unlimited NOW Network, is a perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) warrior who has been openly sharing her story publicly, including in mainstream media, since being diagnosed in November 2020, when her daughter was only two weeks old. 

Her aim is to raise awareness for PNDA, reduce stigmas in the community and workplace, and humanise what can be an incredibly debilitating experience.

In Australia, one in five mums and one in ten dads are diagnosed with PNDA, which impacts not just the person but the entire family unit and loved ones. Those supporting someone with PNDA need support too, as they navigate through what can be a confusing and uncertain tim .

Tammy understands that people struggle to know what to say and do to support someone facing PNDA, and remaining silent can be incredibly hurtful. By talking about the experience from both angles, the person facing PNDA and the family and loved ones providing support, we can prevent heartache and broken relationships stemming from fear and the unknown.

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Unlimited NOW

The Unlimited NOW Network™ is passionate about filling the gap where formal support from incredible charities like the Gidget Foundation, PANDA, and Cope ends when the child is 12 months old. 

Tammy's lived experience and connections with other PNDA warriors have shown that the rebuilding phase may have just begun at twelve months, and parents healing from PNDA could use some extra support beyond the initial 12 months. The Unlimited NOW Network is committed to providing that support and helping families heal and thrive beyond the 12-month mark.

Watch this space, as we navigate this gap further!

Little Paws, Big Roars™

If you're a devoted mum or caring individual guiding young cubs in primary school and younger, this is the perfect haven for you! We understand the joys and challenges that come with nurturing our little ones, and that's why we've created this special section just for you.

Are you seeking a world of positivity and practical tools to support your journey as a parent or carer? Look no further! Little Paws, Big Roars offers a treasure trove of resources aimed at fostering resilience, confidence, and self-worth within your adorable cubs.

Take a deep breath and prepare yourself to embark on an enriching adventure. We're here to accompany you through the highs and lows, providing you with the guidance and support you need. 

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Together, let's cultivate a resilient spirit and build unwavering confidence in your young ones. Our carefully curated collection of tools and insights is tailored to suit your busy life, making your parenting experience even more rewarding.

Don't wait any longer—head over to our Little Paws, Big Roars page now! Uncover a wealth of knowledge and embrace a community of like-minded parents and carers, all dedicated to nurturing the bright futures of our precious cubs.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of love, growth, and discovery. Together, we'll empower our little paws to roar with confidence and embrace the wonders of life!

 Let's make every moment count! 🌟

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