Social Enterprise

We are an Australian Social Enterprise working towards gaining certification with Social Traders. We are also working towards giving back and reinvesting 50% of profits back into the community to bring about BIG change.

As a Social Enterprise, we will partner with and support charity initiatives that are aligned with our mission, as well as fund grassroots community projects that are aligned with our mission and the values of inclusion, equality, and kindness.

We are also committed to supporting mums, dads and their  families  beyond the first 12 months after experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety and also aim to provide a proactive approach to the mental health and overall well-being of their family and young ones.

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Unlimited NOW Network

Supporting Mothers, Fathers and their Families

The organisation aims to support mothers, fathers and their families, beyond the first 12 months after experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety. We recognise that this is a critical issue that can have long-lasting effects on mothers, fathers, and their children and relationships as a whole. Our goal is to provide ongoing support and resources to these mothers and their families, to help them overcome the challenges they may face. 

We understand that perinatal depression and anxiety can disrupt parent-child bonding, lead to behavioural problems in children, and increase the risk of mental health issues in both mother, father and child later in life. By providing support beyond the first 12 months, we hope to mitigate these risks and promote positive outcomes for both mothers and their families.   

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How we give back?

Our social enterprise will provide a range of support and resources to mothers, fathers and carers, including resilience, empowerment, and confidence-building workshops, practical tools and mindfulness techniques, as well as simple and practical ways to bond with their children further.  

This includes activities such as parent-led reading, incorporating daily reflections into the nightly routine, and providing a parent-child book club to help strengthen the bond. 

We also recognise that there is often limited formal support available for mothers, fahers and their families beyond the first 12 months. Our social enterprise aims to fill this gap by providing ongoing support and resources to this group in the community. This includes helping parents re-enter the workforce with confidence and greater ease, as well as breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues. 

By providing ongoing support and resources to mothers and fathers who have experienced perinatal depression and anxiety, our social enterprise hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of these mothers, fathers and their children, and their families. We believe that by addressing these issues, we can help build stronger, healthier communities for all Australians. 

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Supporting the family to build resilience, greater connection and equipped them with strategies to maintain positive mental health and self-esteem

Together, we create a world where confident, secure, and resilient kids thrive. 

In a world filled with challenges, our little ones navigate their emotions while absorbing the energy around them. We understand the importance of early prevention for lasting well-being, and supporting parents and carers. We are creating a community that fosters a safe and supportive environment through inclusion, kindness, and equality. 

Join the Little Paws, Big Roars™ community, as we nurture the potential within each child.

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key dates and milestones timeline
key dates and milestones timeline

The Impact we've had

Fund raising for Charities!

In 2022, KFITB raised a total of $4683 for the 5 chosen Charities:

Gidget Foundation

Friend in Me

Bears of Hope

Friends with Dignity


Supporting National Community Well-Being Initiatives

Gold Sponsor for the Street Smart Handbook distributed during February 2023.

The Street Smart Handbook is a practical life guide designed to help prepare today’s youth for life after school. Since 2002, the handbooks have supported secondary schools, youth organisations and teenagers across Australia and New Zealand. Sponsorship made it possible to have hard copies printed and given out to the local youth through schools, youth groups and other community groups.