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contemplation ego mindset self-worth success Aug 10, 2022

Today I had my finalist interview for the Ausmumpreneur awards, which had me contemplating the meaning of success.



I have been on income protection for my mental health after returning to my former corporate job in July 2021 for only two hours post maternity leave, which has meant that I have been unable to earn an income as yet for my business Mumma Life is now.



Does zero revenue mean I have been unsuccessful in the past year?



Here is some food for thought...



If you had the below two businesses presented to you, which would you deem to be more successful?

And why?



Business A:

Annual revenue: $100,000

Expenses: $56,000

Publicity: Zero media features.

Social impact: No direct social impact.

Number of products launched: 2

Age of business: 12 months



Business B:

Annual revenue: $0 (pending launch in November)

Expenses: $16,000 (set up costs)

Publicity: Five National media features appeared on three podcasts.

Social impact: National social impact campaign raising awareness and funds for charity, development and broadcasting of three social awareness videos that have been shared over 150 times, ambassador for a National charity, ambassador for National association linked to the field of work.

Number of products launched: 0 (Launch delayed due to significant personal health challenges in the last 12 months. Launch pending in November).

Age of business: 12 months



There is no right or wrong answer; this was merely an oversimplified profile of two businesses to get you to think about how you define success.



If you chose Business A, what non-financial achievements have you had in your life that you may have discounted the "value" because there was no financial gain involved? How has that narrative impacted your self-worth throughout your life?



If you chose Business B, It sounds like you value non-financial achievements. But, do you also value financial gains? Does the topic of money make you cringe?



Having previously been a person driven by ego, I often determined success based on a financial position and would not have valued non-financial achievements as much.



Today was an interesting contrast, as question four for the interview was all about financial growth.


If this was you in the hot seat, how would you have answered that question if you were the owner of business B?



When I set up my business, I vowed to myself that I would be 100% open and honest, with no filter.



For this reason, I confidently answered the question and said, "zero revenue due to my inability to earn an income as yet; however, I have strategically positioned myself and have been working on my public profile", and provided several examples of significant non-financial achievements that have allowed me to stand out from the crowd.


I also shared my financial goals over the next three years and what support I have in place to achieve this.



Regardless of the outcome, the most significant personal achievement over the last 12 months has been developing unshakable confidence and self-worth, where I have courageously put myself out there publically, sharing provoking content to encourage social change.



For me, this achievement is priceless, and I can now honestly say that I wake up each day bouncing out of bed (even with minimal sleep some nights from our cheeky toddler), as I know who I am and what I am here to do.



I encourage you to contemplate how you define success in your life. And what non-financial achievements you have previously discounted the "value" of because there was no monetary gain involved? How has that narrative impacted your self-worth throughout your life?



One of the most important things I've learned is that you shouldn't compare yourself to others. Everyone has their definition of success and what matters to them. So as long as you're happy with what you have, you're successful.



I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.



Until next time, remember that you always have been and always will be ENOUGH!