Why true wealth is simple!

Aug 07, 2022

You've spent a lifetime searching for wealth and happiness outside of you.


You've looked to others to light up your world, bring joy, and feel loved.



Upon each new beginning, you are filled with excitement and hope that this new beginning is the key to finding your abundance and fulfilment.



You get swept off your feet by the excitement of change, yet the reality is, once the newness loses its shine, the cracks again start to appear.



As time goes on, you continue to feel that shine dimming; however, you are now wondering if that shine is dimming within you or standing in front of you.



Everything becomes a blur.



You are no longer conscious of how you are feeling.



You question if you are feeling bored, leading you to take your next step toward yet another shiny object. That could mean leaving one relationship to find yourself in another, a new job, a new car or perhaps even a sea change.



As predicted, the newness brings excitement. Then, however, you start to question this cyclic nature of your life and whether the problem is you.



You question if you are good enough, why you are attracting disruptions into your life or why you are attracting toxic relationships where you are not seen and heard for who you are to the core.



You misread the signals.



Your body is telling you it is tired, that change is needed, yet you cling to the lateral meaning of this and replace it with an almost replica.


The only difference is that the replica still has its shine; however, this will fade in time, as will the light within you.



Time goes on, and after the continuation of the cycles, you land in a dark place where your body has taken over and has demanded control.



You find yourself at a breaking point. You have reached rock bottom.



It may be a mental breakdown, an accident, loss or another significant upheaval, but what they all have in common is that the loudness of the external world has landed you in a place where you feel physically broken and no longer know who you are or what you are here to do.



Although the light will shine again, hitting rock bottom has you in a place of forced time and space.



The lighter side to this is that with time and space on your side, you are forced to reflect on life. You are forced to face your shadow's head.



From rock bottom, facing your shadows is unavoidable. However, It is the only way out.



However, there is no denying that it is a tough place.



You acknowledge the shadow side of you and are ready to climb that mountain, yet as you start climbing, another crack in the mountain appears, and you fall back down with the rubble.



In this very place at rock bottom, I learnt the hard way to work on my shadow side proactively, or it would continue to work on me.



Proactively addressing resistance points before they become cracks allowed me to continue climbing that mountain, albeit it was a slow climb.



Yes, there were times that I felt as if I had fallen back to the starting point of rock bottom; however, as the days passed, I realised that although the wind had knocked me to my feet, once the wind died, I was standing again in the same position before the storm had passed through.



It was through this experience that I discovered what I now refer to as true resiliency, where a storm could come through and unearth you momentarily; however, once the core of the storm has dissipated, you are back on your feet, grounded and ready to take the next step forward.



The storm may have shaken you to your core; it may have exhausted you and forced you to rest before taking the next step. However, the critical part is that you have stood your ground, remained in your power, and did not allow the storm to bring you crashing down to rock bottom.



As time goes on, you learn to predict the weather patterns and when storms are approaching.



Yes, there will always be some unexpected storms. However, you typically have the foresight to prepare for the storm, seek cover, and wait for the storm to pass.



You accept this natural cycle of expansion and contraction. Instead of fighting the storm, you retreat and give yourself the time and space to integrate, reflect and face the newly unearthed shadows that presented themselves through the storm.



The lighter side is that your empowered self has made your way to the top of the mountain.



You have faced many storms on the way up from rock bottom, and "the work" has put you in a solid position to know your worth and the true wealth that resides inside you.



You end up in a place where you feel so empowered that you have your arms wide open and are filled with wonder and curiosity.



You are ready to retreat and take shelter from the next storm.



This does not mean that you avoid the storm. On the contrary, the storm continues; however, you are in a place of safety, where you are honouring how you are feeling and have comfort and knowing that this storm will pass and you will come out of it even more vital.



You repeat out loud: "This too shall pass".



This is because you know your inner strength and embrace the beauty of ebb and flow in every aspect of your life.



The true gift is in the expansion created from the journey and the learnings obtained from the contraction, rather than the mere arrival itself.



This is true wealth.



This piece of writing was inspired by Gayle Stoneart's painting; True wealth is simple. 


I have found that self-led art therapy has helped reduce anxiety symptoms. See the blog where I go into the detail of this process and the science behind it!  




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