WHY Manifestation is failing for you!⁠

deliberate intent dream big law of attraction manifestation visualisation Jul 24, 2022

Firstly, it's true. I used to be a sceptical Sally around anything, even slightly alternative and "woo woo" was out of the question. 


Being a trained scientist and a "Corporate girl", I felt that I couldn't be seen as someone who believed in that sort of thing. Right?!⁠


Well, that is at least what I told myself, so even meditating was off the cards!


I can laugh now, as gosh, I was an uptight person at times and now I just shake my head at the narrative I was running with😝⁠


After immersing myself in my healing and discovering who I am and my purpose, I found the POWER of manifestation. ⁠


I could see where I manifested "struggles" and toxicity into my life (both people, workplaces and situations) AND started to see the INCREDIBLE power of manifesting desired outcomes into my life.⁠


My curious, scientific and over-analysing mind has studied and researched the power of deliberate intent, the law of attraction and manifestation (to name a few).


After hitting rock bottom with my mental health, I gained a new sense of clarity and awareness around what I had been inadvertently attracting into my life. 


The truth is, I now know that my fear of failure and fear of judgement had me obsessing over the fear of being with an abusive partner, becoming a divorcee, and attaining leadership roles in toxic environments (all for reasons around my ego). 


Despite being an optimistic person; as a teenager, this deep fear had me thinking about these things occurring to me later in life. Why would a teenager even think these things? 


I pictured myself being the one in my friendship circle to get married and become a divorcee. I thought about this a LOT! I could see myself "failing" at marriage and could also see myself working in environments where I was squashed and mistreated. 


Guess what? Both of these happened! 


No doubt, my lack of self-worth at the time had me believe that this was what I was destined for. More on that another day. 


You might say it is a coincidence, however with what I have learnt about the law of attraction and the power of deliberate intent; if you focus on something enough and it consumes your thoughts and feelings, this is the energy you will give off and as such, it is what you will attract.


If I had known the power of manifestation, I certainly wouldn't have manifested so many challenges, although I also wouldn't change what I have faced, as it has made me who I am today.


On the flip side, what is pretty cool is that I manifested my partner. Yup. It's true! 


After coming out of a toxic and abusive long-term relationship (and marriage), I knew exactly what I didn't want in a partner, and it also made me realise what I wanted and deserved in one.


This saw me write a VERY long and detailed list of what I expected in a partner and how they would respect me and treat me with kindness and compassion. 


By no means was this a superficial list. There was nothing on the list about looks, financial position or ego-based. It was all about their values, morals, ethics and personality. 


I still remember the day at my brother's house, where I read this list out loud to my mum and brother. I was in tears and feeling what I wanted and knew I deserved in my life.


On several occasions, I returned to this list, and I remember my family saying, "do you think that list is realistic?". I insisted that I WOULD find this guy and wouldn't settle for any less.


Some months later, I met my now partner Kelvin (K), who is the kindest, most sensitive and gentle soul.


I remember our first date when it felt like I had known him a lifetime, and we have been inseparable ever since. Don't get me wrong; it hasn't been all sunshine and roses. However, I had met someone who truly loved me, and I didn't have to pretend to be someone I wasn't. 


Okay. So what I have learnt from personal experience, research and studying; there are four critical elements to SUPERCHARGING your manifestations. 


It's not rocket science; however, if even one of the four elements I list below is missing, the results could remain unseen in your reality AND could have you missing out on HUGE potential and fulfilment. ⁠



The four key elements are; Imagination, focus and attention, feeling into it (the more emotion, the better) and taking aligned action.


When you think about what it is you desire, see it as something you have already attained in your life. Your brain does not know the difference between what is a thought and what has already been manifested into your reality, so the more you see and feel that is what you desire as if you already have it, you will attract more of into your life.


I'd LOVE to hear about what you have manifested in your life. I have listened to many people who have had similar experiences, and such stories light up my heart around the power of thoughts, focus, feelings and aligned action. 


It all starts with a dream, and absolutely ANYTHING is possible!


Until next time, remember that you always have been and always will be ENOUGH xx.