Here’s to the mums- By Nicole Angela @ninjaminoo

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The below piece has been written by the beautiful Nicole Angela, who was inspired to write this piece about the reality of motherhood.

Nicole is a mum to a 7month old, that continues to experience postnatal depression and anxiety.

Nicole is passionate about sharing the reality that so many of us face, and in her words "I was sitting in my car yesterday watching these women walk by alone with their prams and babies wondering what they are carrying silently each day".

As a fellow mum, this piece hit my heart and had me in tears.  

Too often motherhood is depicted as the "perfect" photos and videos we see on platforms such as Instagram when the reality can be a VERY different picture.

I hope you enjoy Nicole's inspirational piece, as she reminds us that we are not alone and we are in this together.

Thanks again for sharing Nicole.

Written by Nicole Angela

Here’s to the mums

Birthing and feeding and holding 

Even while we’re bleeding

Living on cold tea and stale crusts and scraps from their plate

Going from the floor to our feet until our bones ache and our back caves 

Coming to our baby’s cry even when they’re not

Piecing ourselves together with sticky tape 

A quick shower, perhaps a walk


The mums whose clothes don’t fit like they used to

Who feel little else but tired and hollow

Our bodies falling apart

Bones straining under the weight

Mums who fluctuate between rage and despair 

And somehow all the while

Love fiercely these little ones 

Who’ve broken us and put us together

At the same time


Here’s to the mums building a home with their daily labour 

With laundry baskets, reusable grocery bags, warm meals prepared with only one hand

Clean bottles drying in a row,

A smiling baby in a sweet little dress

But we forgot to fix our hair

New clothes for the baby but ours don’t fit

We trade our souls for their peace

And we would do it again


Here’s to the mums whose people are gone

Whose phone is quiet

Whose village is too small to carry this for her

Even for a little while

No one checks after week six

Dad’s at work and so are they

And we are here, at home, alone

Here’s to us


You can find Nicole on Instagram: @ninjaminoo

Photo supplied. 

If you found this post triggering or you are perhaps wondering if you too might be experiencing symptoms of perinatal depression and anxiety, it is always best to reach out to your GP.

If you require urgent support, contact PANDA on 1300 726 306