Embracing Abundance and Empowerment: Celebrating a Bronze Win at the AusMumpreneur Awards

celebrate Aug 25, 2023
tammy louise bronze award from ausmumpreneur

Hello, wonderful community members and friends, 


I'm thrilled to share some incredible news with all of you – I, Tammy Louise, the mind behind Unlimited NOW Network, Mumma Life is NOW, Little Paws Big Roars, Kick Fear in the Butt, am beyond proud to have secured the bronze award as the People’s Choice Humanitarian of the Year at this year's prestigious 2023 AusMumpreneur Awards. This achievement resonates deeply with the passion and purpose that fuels my journey.


The AusMumpreneur Awards, thoughtfully organised by The Women’s Business School, shine a spotlight on entrepreneurial mothers who have achieved remarkable feats across various domains. From excelling in business and innovating products to delivering exceptional customer service and embracing digital advancements, these awards spotlight the incredible women who expertly balance their roles as mothers and businesswomen, moulding their efforts to seamlessly blend with their lives and family dynamics.


At the heart of my journey lies an unwavering commitment to dismantling the taboos surrounding anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. I hold steadfast in my belief of creating a world where abundance prevails, where kindness and respect are fundamental. Drawing from my unique combination of experience as a life coach and a trained scientist, I have initiated a movement aimed at reshaping society's perception and approach to mental well-being. My mission is clear: to empower individuals and foster a community that embraces diversity and allows everyone to flourish. Together, we challenge norms, advocate for gender equality, and champion overall well-being.


Today marks an incredibly special milestone as the Unlimited NOW Network store doors officially swing open for our valued community members, starting this day, the 25th of August. We're all set to welcome the wider public on the 27th of August. I affectionately refer to the products I've curated as "products with purpose." Each of them has been thoughtfully developed with a dual purpose: to assist users in leading their best lives and spark a wave of kindness. What truly warms my heart is our commitment as a social enterprise – we are working towards giving back 50% of profits to aligned charity initiatives and grassroots projects that deeply resonate with our mission.


This award is a heartening reminder that regardless of the obstacles we face, we each possess the power to achieve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, especially when we come together as a united community. Believing in one's dreams, trusting intuition, and breaking free from the chains of fear are powerful keys to unlocking success.


Embarking on the path to success as a thriving businesswoman while simultaneously nurturing a family comes with its share of challenges. Yet, from my journey, I offer this advice to anyone contemplating their entrepreneurial adventure: "Launching a business while caring for a young child, especially while grappling with personal mental health challenges, might seem daunting. But I assure you, it's both attainable and incredibly healing. Holding onto a purpose that propels you forward each day can be truly transformative." Reflecting on the past couple of years and acknowledging the hurdles faced by both my family and myself, I am reminded of how my commitment to effecting meaningful change has been a source of strength even during the most trying moments. Throughout this journey, the trio of Unlimited NOW Network; Mumma Life is NOW, Kick Fear in the Butt, and Little Paws, Big Roars has been my constant support, lighting the way even when times were tough.


For those curious about the AusMumpreneur Awards, I encourage you to explore www.ausmumpreneur.com, as we are better together!


I'm genuinely excited to continue this journey of empowerment, kindness, and positive change alongside every one of you.


With immense gratitude and a heart full of aspirations,


Tammy Louise

Founder, Unlimited NOW Network