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Unlimited NOW Network™ is a community that believes in the limitless potential of individuals and the power of co-creation. Together, we create a space where ANYTHING is possible, and work towards a common cause for positive change.

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Unlimited NOW Network 

I’m Tammy Louise, and I’ve brought my own personal challenges and life coach experience together to create a movement and social enterprise that’s breaking the stigma around anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. We are dreamers, visionaries, and action-takers dedicated to creating a world where abundance, respect, and kindness prevail. 

Through technology, media, and practical products, we offer education, tools, conversations, and inspiring merchandise to keep kindness and compassion front of mind at work, home and in the community.

If you believe in the power of humankind and the potential of community, and if you're passionate about co-creating a world of abundance, respect, and kindness, you've found your tribe.

Join us in co-creating a movement that promotes positive mental health and acceptance for families.

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Little Paws, Big Roars™

Little Paws, Big Roars: Building Strong Foundations for Bright Futures 

Together, we create a world where confident, secure, and resilient kids thrive. 

In a world filled with challenges, our little ones navigate their emotions while absorbing the energy around them. We understand the importance of early prevention for lasting well-being, and supporting parents and carers. We are creating a community that fosters a safe and supportive environment through inclusion, kindness, and equality. 

Join the Little Paws, Big Roars™ community, as we nurture the potential within each child.

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I founded Mumma Life is NOW (MLIN) through my battle with perinatal depression and anxiety. Our passionate community wholeheartedly embraces the raw reality of motherhood, acknowledging the challenges, self-doubt, and messiness that comes with it. 

Through our holistic coaching programs, we empower Australian mothers and aspire to uplift mothers worldwide. Through courageous conversations, we fearlessly challenge stigmas and advocate for gender equity. 

Championing the influential role of mothers, we strive for improved workplace support. With a vision centred on inclusivity, equality, and kindness, MLIN is a safe space where mothers can freely express themselves, to ignite positive change. 

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Tammy's Journey and Expertise 

With a long career and extensive experience in management and senior leadership positions, Tammy Louise is the founder of Unlimited NOW Network, a Social Enterprise striving for equality, inclusion, and kindness. Experiencing her own challenges with pregnancy and early motherhood, Tammy pivoted, and is now a community-focused leader, passionate about mentoring teams and organising events that make a positive difference.

Tammy's work supports parents, caregivers, employees, and employers in overcoming life's challenges and achieving optimal health.

Creating an Inclusive and Engaging Work Environment for Work-Life Balance 

As a former senior leader, Tammy understands the challenges of balancing priorities for businesses and employees. 

She advocates innovative strategies that encourage employee participation, fostering positive workplace culture. Her vision includes fun lunch-and-learn sessions promoting community, well-being, and work-life balance. These sessions empower employees to manage their overall well-being. Tammy emphasises creating an inclusive work environment where employees thrive professionally and personally. 

By nurturing connections and fostering belonging, she values inclusivity, equality, and active employee participation. With her strategic approach, Tammy unlocks employee potential, driving sustainable success. She believes these values enhance creativity, innovation, and productivity in the workplace.





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